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Did You Know??

Holiday Pet Hazards/Survival Guide For the Holidays

Bones: The holiday turkey or chicken will leave a lot of tantalizing bones, but don't feed them to your pet. Beware of steak bones too. Small bones or bone chips can lodge in the throat, stomach, and intestinal tract.

Holiday Plants: Holly and mistletoe are extremely poisonous. Poinsettias may not be truly poisonous but their milky white sap and leaves can cause severe gastric distress. The best approach is to keep the plants out of your pet's reach.

Electrical Cords: Holiday lights mean more electrical cords so be sure you have cords secured and out of the way.

Candles: Lighted candles should never be left unattended. An exuberant tail or the swat of a paw can turn candles and hot wax into an instant disaster.

Pine Needles/Holiday Tree: Ingested pine needles can cause intestinal issues. Make sure your tree is well secured. If you have a tree climbing cat or a large dog with a happy tail, anchor the top of the tree to the wall, using strong cord or rope. Preservatives often used in the water in a tree stand can cause gastric upset.

Ornaments: Sharp or breakable ornaments, dreidels, and even aluminum foil should be kept out of reach. String objects, especially tinsel and ribbons, are thin and sharp and can wrap around intestines or ball up in the stomach.

Stress and Company: With everyone coming and going, watch out for open doors and sneaky pets. Make sure your pets have updated collars and tags on in case of escape. Microchipping your pet is always a great idea. Provide a quiet place with a blanket and fresh water for your pets to retreat if the festivities get too stressful.

Happy Holidays!